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March 2, 2019

‘Only HUMAN, touch THIS’ ..from The Matrix. This man Maged Abdullah Shaif Manea is from a war torn country Yemen and the first we saw him was with an inserted tube in his throat. The medical diagnosis; CA throat & operated twice, yet roaming here and there for answers. *The last surgery’s happened in Egypt and Yemen respectively. Differential Diagnosis; Reoccurring of the CA, infection of the tube, secondary complication?? During examination the vocal cord area’s space has got limited leading to speech impairment and difficulty in breathing. The Cure:  Dr. Surender Dabas has accomplished a rare feat of performing the maximum number of Robotic Head and Neck Cancer surgery in Asia suggestd TORS – TransOral Robotic Surgery which is a modern surgical technique being used to treat tumors of the mouth and throat via direct access through the mouth. The Conclusion: See the pic plz (left: Before | right: After) ?.   -Sandy Sandiep Duchana |