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Dr. Amar Sarin

Dr. Amar Sarin

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Dr. Sarin has a vast experience of doing advanced Illizarov procedures. He has performed advanced Illizarov over more than 3000 patients in the past 20 years. He has also trained surgeons from other countries in basic and advance Illizarov and Ortho-oncology surgeries.

Previous Appointment:
Jaipur Golden Hospital, New Delhi
Action Medical Institute, Paschim Vihar New Delhi

Educational Training:
Medical School
M S Ramaiah Medical college Bangalore
Vinitssa Medical Institute Ukraine U.S.S.R.

Basic Illizarov Training
Vinnitssa Medical Institute, Ukraine

Advanced Ilizarov Training
Institute for Invalids & Reconstructive Surgeries
Ukraine Region, Vinnitssa USSR

Memberships and Fellowships:
Indian Orthopaedic Association

Special Interests:
Revision Illizarov Surgeries
Designing custom made prosthesis
Height Gain Surgeries

Off-road driving