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Patient Stories

Best urologist in india

Those were the best days of my life

Referring this ever green classic rock number ‘Summer of 69’, And we happened to meet Ms. Chama in the ‘Summer’s of 2019’, New Delhi, India. Chama was diagnosed with an Urological medical situation post birth of her 1st child and have had consumed numerous physicians and surgeons to find the cure in Lusaka, Zambia. Interestingly, when we first met her; she was carrying numerous unanswered questions and understandably some were difficult to answered at first. Nevertheless, her patience, grit and positive attitude was very much appreciated which lead to step by step delivering of services and medical related solutions pertaining to her medical condition. It took 4 days of hospital stay followed by a week’s observation days by her to say this to us … ‘Sandy, these have been the best days of my life’. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana

Affordable brain tumor surgery in india

What would you do....? Brain Tumor Surgery

What would you do, when you are diagnosed with a big growing undifferentiated mass inside your brain and in medical terminology it’s referred ‘Brain tumor’? What would you do, when that growing mass is close to a very sensitive region of the brain called ‘brain stem’? What you would do, when the local neurosurgeon or surgeon’s tell you that there’s are chances of vision loss, there would be breathing cum swallowing of food difficulties and a possible hearing loss coz the tumor is growing on these related support functional veins? What would you do, when are scared and feels that it’s not right. And definitely that’s not the way have to live the rest of your life…. The answer: ‘You call MEDSOLIN’. “Post Surgery and time with us;An extremely satisfied pic of June along side her other half (Alex), who has been rock solid in support and understanding since the day they have been together. Greetings from Lusaka, Zambia. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.


Brain Tumor Surgery in india.

You the Man, Kidoo! Ali Asghar Sultani. 6 years and incredibly cute-innocently naughty-beyond borders-Wardak-Afghanistan-haemangioma-brain tumour-brain scans-contrast MRI-Neurosurgery and then ‘payment issues’. That’s the whole check list. Like him are plenty of kids are getting diagnosed daily with something similar or different type of medical conditions which require immediate attention and cure. The good part; Most of these medical conditions are treatable but there’s a cost and Fortunately / unfortunately; some can afford and some can’t. This case; Father of the child decided to take the kid home because of financial constraints and needs more time to gather & generate necessary funds to complete the treatment. “The message: People those are not well versed with medical terminology and costing should always double check with their treatment provider about the do’s and don’t’s to prepare themselves better to absorb realistic expectations. It just doesn’t make sense in booking the air tickets all in haste and then go back without treatment.”. Brain tumor surgery in india. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Cervical Spine Surgery in India

74 years and still counting | Cervical Spine Surgery.

Hi. I’m Dr. Aliyu. I’m a general physician from Nigeria, 74 years of age, full of life and a proud father of 5 children. Of late (6-7 months) i suddenly noticed a drop in one of my legs which casued altered movements, pain in upper back and neck followed by weakness of the limbs. The MRI diagnosis came out to be “Cervical Spondolotic Myelopathy with Qudariparesis”. So without wasting any more time, we decided to come to India. Met the finest team of experts here and surgery was an evident call. They did a posterior stablization of C4 to D2 + decompression from C3-C4 to D1-D2. Post surgery the neurological symptoms were managed and physiotherapy sessions led to mobilization and ambulated i.e. gettig out of bed and engaging in light activites like sitting, standing or walking) asap after the surgery. My message to people facing similar kind of problem would be this; “Don’t be afraid, age is just a number, be positive, be calm and ACT”. I’m happy. Thank you! *Narrated to; Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Affordable knee replacment surgery in india

Beautiful times in India

Hi. She is Edith from Uganda. I must confess the time I saw her first, the guest was kinda cold and upright direct. Why so; Long flight | hotel | guest house | transportation | weather | New Delhi | 7 degrees C. | Winter’s….. Oh shucks I get it and adding lethargy and Joints Pain (both, left and right) too. So Now what; Let’s be simple. Let’s ask her what’s troubling her, for how long, how can we do the assessment, medical prognosis, Let’s plan her treatment, Let’s give her relief. Although above all – Let her take rest for a day, . Diagnosis; Total Knee Replacement of both knees a.k.a B/L TKR. The Judgement Day; The saying says: Actions & ‘Pics’ speak louder than words. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Affordable lumbar spine surgery in india

Happily ever after is not a fairy tale, it's a choice

Mother Victoria (our patient, aged 57 years) and Chief Matthew have one thing in common – both are married to each other for more than 38 years (Amen). This couple is from Lagos, Nigeria, and it was pure fate that they meet us. Our meeting happend at some swanky (ahem ahem) private hospital and we just started talking…you know general stuff and then suddenly we were asked to take care of her. Now come to the Medical Part: She thought that she’s a heart patient but the Echo report was clean and yet she was troubled. She thought there’s a problem in her legs but the x-rays of knees were clean and yet she was troubled. Therefore, what’s troubling you, Mother…. I’m in Pain ‘is the answer’. Now hold on a bit.. is that all….yes Mr. that’s all what it is. Now comes the solution: She underwent a thorough investigations and the MRI whole spine showed degenerative changes both at cervical (head) and lumbar (back) region of the spine. So what you do in such scenario. My answer – You act. You decide. You proceed. This brave woman underwent twin surgeries (Cervical spine surgery and Lumbar Spine Surgery) at the time gap of 15 days. And the final outcome is this figure of speech states “Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice”. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Affordable cochlear implant surgery in india

Your voice is my favourite sound…

Hi. Meet Miss Rehana from Nairobi, Kenya. A woman, a wife and a mother. Has been living life in Nairobi with everything and a strong will to face the world inspite of hearing aid problem since childhood. Upon meeting us it’s like saying “Sometimes you find things and they change your life”… And may be the reason she decided to come to us and get the hearing aid situation sorted. Got herself checked and everything upon discussion, opted for a permanent solution to undergo Cochlear implant surgery over the digital hearing aid option. A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted neuroprosthetic device that provides a sense of sound to a person with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. Cochlear implants bypass the normal acoustic hearing process, instead replacing it with electric hearing. Namely, the sound sensation comes from the sound that is converted to electric signals which directly stimulate the auditory nerve. The brain adapts to the new mode of hearing, and eventually can interpret the electric signals as sound and speech. After the surgery which took only 1 day’s admission in the hospital and adjustment’s of the sound frequencies – I asked her what kind of sound would make her feel good and she was being very adorable in saying that the clear sound of the laughter of her kids would just make her day and post surgery onwards it’s going to be awesome. Only Awesome. Nothing in between. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Head and Neck Robotic Surgey in India.Only HUMAN, touch THIS?..from The Matrix.

Only Human, The Matrix

This man Maged Abdullah Shaif Manea is from a war torn country Yemen and the first we saw him was with an inserted tube in his throat. The medical diagnosis; CA throat & operated twice, yet roaming here and there for answers. *The last surgery’s happened in Egypt and Yemen respectively. Differential Diagnosis; Reoccurring of the CA, infection of the tube, secondary complication?? During examination the vocal cord area’s space has got limited leading to speech impairment and difficulty in breathing. The Cure: Dr. Surender Dabas who has accomplished a rare feat of performing the maximum number of Robotic Head and Neck Cancer surgery advised TORS – TransOral Robotic Surgery a modern surgical technique used to treat tumors of the mouth and throat via direct access through the mouth. The Conclusion: See the pic plz (left: Before | right: After) ?. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Kuwa na Furaha in Swahili means Be Happy!

You must meet this family. They are Abukadir’s. Somalian origin, living in Kenya. And why would they not cause it’s just 1K kms distance (approx. 674 miles) between kenya and Somalia. Senior Abdikadir is a young man (says the heart) 60 + years (age is just the number says the passport) and very talkative. So how did we meet each other? One phone call, yup just one call….that’s all it took and bam.. See the look (it’s on the right side of the pic). The thing which i have not yet disclosed is the common connection of Senior Abdikadir’s elder brother (some 4-5 years ago, similar TKR case), came along + the classic symptoms of pain during or after movement of the knee, tenderness of the joint, stiffness, loss of flexibility, bone spurs etc. To cut the long story short – Got operated on both the knees, rehabilitated for a week’s time post surgery and recovered. So i ask him what next (after the surgery and recovery)… He said “Sandy I want to live simply. I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books I’ll never be tested on. I want to listen to my body, fall asleep when the moon is high and wake up slowly (pain free ofcourse), with no place to rush off to. I just want to be me, boundless and infinite. I want to be happy. – Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Spine surgery hospital in india

Two States

Meet our two very special persons from two different states ofcountry Nigeria. The common features between them were same country, same problem, same surgical intervention and same surgeon. Both the guests were suffering from Chronic Spine problems for quite sometimeand upon thorough investigation and accurate diagnosis by us they were able to regain the full funtions of daily living after completion of staged successful back to back lumbar and cervical spine surgery’s respectivley under the care of Medsolin. Interestingly, one of our guests have had different plans to choose Egypt over India. And it takes transparency, clear directions and trust to make them believe on promises those would be delievered provided they are willing to take the first step and the outcome can be seen in the pic attached: It has given me an immensepleasure to be part of their journey all along from the start till the end irrespective of the time knowing an individual before their arrival. Experiences like these are crystal and worth it. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Spine surgery in India

From Lagos, With Love!

Hi there. Meet Ms. Chiamaka from Lagos, Nigeria. She is an elementary school student and an avid listener. Her reason of coming was the diagnosis of growth body tissue occurrence which needed an immediate attention. The medical reports from their home town ruled for surgical intervention and so decided for a second opinion from us. In India our very own international repute Neurosurgeon expert Dr Sandeep was made incharge of her well being. Interestingly, Dr Sandeep is also regarded as one of the top Neurosurgeon’s India has produced and carries hundreds of successful Neuro-spine surgical intervention till date. Because of his vast experience in the field of spine and brain tumor surgery, after seeing the first hand diagnosis reports, he didn’t try to fast track the surgery and decided to discuss the particular case with hospital’s tumor board for a broader opinion. Conclusion: Our patient was medically managed with precision and much ease, no surgery was recommended. *Please see Ms. Chiamaka along side her mother Madam Margaret during their departure from India.

Affordable bone marrow transplant treatment in india

Bone marrow transplant treatment in india

Meet Abubakar from Katsina, aged 13. The kid had been diagnosed with a severe form of blood related disorder which resulted in an abnormal production of myeloblasts and required an immediate treatment. When we first met this fine young boy, inspite of knowing what he was struggling with – he showed a tremedous example of human spirirt and determination to fight. Further it was fascinating to observe his inquisitiveness to learn about different culture and languages and he continued to dedicate time and energy to learn more and more and never give up. -Glad to meet you Mr. Abubakar Mashi Husaini.

My Friend from Nigeria

He is Mr. Dahiru Ismail – A very respected public civil officer from Nigeria apart from a loving and an intelligent man. For some months we were in touch with each other over phone call and emails to keep a check on issues like political situation in nigeria, business enviornment, public mood etc. Suddenly one day he emailed me his whole spine MRI report showing signs of degeneration disc disease symptoms like frequent pain, numbness and numerous physiotherpy sessions but no relief etc. Medsolin consulted Spine Specialists of India to understand the root cause of the problem considering the age of our friend in late forties. One of the Senior Spine Specialist asked us to check for more details like weight, blood pressure, diabetic state and x-rays to evaluate his condition in an advance before he resumes his India trip for medical treatment. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Disc Herniation surgery in india

Disk replacement surgery in india

After couple of emails exchange Mr. Dahiru was offered to cover a medicine course for couple of months to see any signs of improvement related to pain but he insisted to vist India and requested us to do a full body check up apart from the core spine problem. Eventually, he was diagnosed with lumbar spine disc herniation at L4-L5 level vertebrae and we successfully operated upon him. For the 1st week post operation he complained of slight discomfort at the surgical site because of his overweight issues and it took some time for him to completely get back to normal state of a pain free life. *He is coming back to us in the month of August 2017 for his follow up and is also bringing one of his friends who is facing a similar issue. Lagos, Nigeria 21st May, 2017 -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

Lower back spine surgey in india

Lower back spine surgery in india

Meet Mr. Ahmad Salat who underwent Spine 1 level surgery recently. Constantly looking for an accurate cure of his prolonged spine condition which was troubling him for months and thinking of total cure. Fortunately, Mr. Salat happened to know Mr. Yussuf (please read the second testimonial below) and he trusted his advise to visit Medsolin. Though he decided to come alone. Upon arrival on the same day, he met the spine surgeon, followed by diagnostic tests like MRI, X-Rays and blood tests under the close watch of Medsolin. Mr. Salat was thoroughly examined and due to the carrying condition of spine vertebrae disk prolapse, Surgery was recommended. He consulted the family members for briefing as well as recommendations and they all agreed to go ahead with the spine surgery. By the grace of god and skills of the surgeon, Mr. Salat was made to stand tall right on the same day after surgery which lasted for 2 hours maximum- Pain free. Below is the follow up picture of our patient with the ‘Rockstar Surgeon’. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.


Seeing is ‘Believing

Hi. I’m Abdi Maalim Ismail from Nairobi, Kenya and like most of you, was actively looking for medical treatment options in India especially Hyderabad (Southern part of India). But as they say – You never know where you land up in the end. So, my story is this… My family was actively looking for my knee problem solution after the local doctor in my county suggested of only operation as a definite solution Mr. Abdi. And so my younger son Yossuf started looking for options online to find the specialist doctor / hospital + to understand more about the packages and treatment options. After actively searching – we did manage to find one medical tourism based compnay based in Mumbai and they recommended ‘Medsolin’. We had many questions those needing answers, some were short and some lengthy apart from costing, success outcomes and frankly it took us couple of weeks to take the final call. Finally booked the flights for India and came to NEW DELHI instead Hyderabad. Once we came out of the airport premises from arrival gate number 5 – We met the representative from Medsolin and the only thing he had to tell us was this … “We are going to take care of you from this moment onwards sir…HAVE FAITH”. Next day: We saw the surgeon, the hospitality, trust and the eventually the OUTCOME. Thank you MEDSOLIN. The pic above is my post surgery (Knee Replacment in India) during the physio sessions at the guest house (post hospital discharge) and eventually i can say – I’ve experienced the quote ‘Seeing is Believing’. Thanks -Abdul Maalim Ismail Nairobi, Kenya. -Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

A beautiful family from South Africa

Mrs. Marilousie Devries from South Africa Good day! ​We came to India urgently​ in need of help. My husband had been diagnosed with a brain mass and his health was deteriorating. Back in South Africa most doctors had no hope for us and we were repeatedly told by the doctors​, “S​orry I can not really help you: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are your only options to add a few months -take it or leave it”​. So we came to India thinking we were going to be helped in the same way as back home, but what a pleasant surprise! We got to meet with the doctor and he was so ​positive – he had hope for us! He was confident and wanted to help us and also included​ us in the treatment program not just telling us to accept​ everything he says or find another doctor. He had time to answer our questions and explained everything to us​. Then my husband got admitted and another pleasant surprise Marius-from-South-Africaawaited us! The hospital service and staff was excellent! They truly helped us the best they could and also accommodated us a lot, especially with our baby. Before surgery the medical personnel came and explained everything to us in detail about what we can expect to happen during the surgery and answered all our questions. Afterwards the treatment in ICU was superb as well! Surgery went well and the recovery process is also ​going well​ and we still get a lot of support from the hospital! What a fantastic hospital and staff, especially dr Arun Saroha who performed​ the operation and then also the personnel assisting us with the technical details. – A​ll the ​other staff made ​us feel welcome and assisted​ our every need. Thank you.

Gift of Life

In Nigeria the age of most Nigerians with chronic kidney disease ranges between 20 and 55 years, hypertension, glomerulonephritis and diabetes are considered the major causes of kidney problem. “Apart from these reasons – inheritance, ignorance and poor access of health care facility also majorly contributes to Kidney failure condition”. Maimuna’s condition was a result of high antibiotic intake and other associated conditions over the years which lead to her kidney failure. When she was diagnosed about the kidney failure, the family members wasted no time in arranging the most essential documents and medical reports required for kidney transplant surgery process flow in India in consulting with the local / family doctor who suggested Medsolin. Nigeria-RukayyaNigeria-Kidney Now in these circumstance – patience, understanding and faith are the keys and those were highly appreciated from the family members including the receipient. Eventually, when the third donor was carefully selected and screened, she came to India and we witnessed a successful and well managed transplant treatment in the end.

Points to remember from the above experience

1. Carefully screening of donor / donors a must back home apart from blood relation criteria.
2. Patience is the key to manage and execute critical surgery cases.
3. Your service provider will always arrange the necessary steps in case you see unforeseen events because they are responsible for your well being and it’s their duty to help and be with you all the time.

I came with hope

I’m from Iraq, a war torn-country led by a government which since the invasion, has failed to maintain stability in the region and everyday we hope that some day, prosperity will return to my country. In the same hope, I came to India for the treatment of my 10 years old son Hayder who was diagnosed with spine problem leading to in-ability to stand upright, walk tall and do other body movements. Prior to my visit to India, I had shared the medial reports of my son’s condition with Medsolin and in return was advised about the realistic treatment management course in line with the medical consult remarks from the Neurosurgeon selected by them. Moreover, we also clearly discussed about the financial constraint we are facing every day in our country and based on the repeated email exchanges and phone calls, I was assured of all possible help to be extended in line to the medical treatment and I can tell you with much confidence, I’m very happy and even recommended similar cases of someone I know in Iraq. “God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing”

We saw more than what was promised

Hi. My name is Henry and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m an IT professional and getting in touch with medical treatment service providers was not so difficult task for me but to choose amongst the sea was one. My story is about my diabetic mother who is 61 years old and for couple of months was frequently complaining about pain in the back region along with numbness towards right leg. For me one’s approach towards a particular task / problem signifies a lot about the future planning and that’s what I observed when we selected Medsolin over others. . Lagos-nigeriaWe stayed pretty much close to the hospital and opted for direct admission in the hospital (thanks to my sister for making the wire transfer from back home directly into the hospital’s account, when we were still at home). The treatment planning was methodical and doctor’s presence and confidence level was satisfactory. Day 1 was like reserved for investigations, followed by doctor’s consult and he walked us through the surgery process and various do’s and don’t’s. Day 2 was judgement day (surgery) and after couple of hours of agonising wait the news came to my ears about the successful outcome. Day 3 was post surgery recovery moments and Day 4 lead to the date of discharge from the hospital (although the formalities got extended till late evening). During the discharge, we were advised to come for follow up after a week’s time and during that period’s experience we saw more than what was promised. For anyone who is reading this and thinking about planning a medical trip, my only advice to you would be to maintain extreme caution post surgery and stick to the schedule provided by your doctor. Medsolin treated us like a family right till the end of this memorable trip and we wish them best for the future ahead.

Lucy Waithera ngare ? KENYA

Proud to be a Kenyan

My mother aged 72 was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor after a routine examination which necessitated an MRI. You can imagine our confusion and anxiety when we received this news. As a family this was very heavy for a person who had never had more than your common cold or flu from time to time. The physician recommended that we consider taking mum to India for the operation. Being in such fear we decided to take mum to India for a second opinion. We engaged our consultant who presented us with various options of hospitals we could visit. We found about Neurosurgeon Dr. Saroha and we never regretted our choice. On arrival – What initially struck me was how human, Kind, very attentive to our questions and concerns was this team and took us through everything on the procedure we were to expect. Once we were admitted everything started happening at light speed mums myriad of tests one after the other and within 12 hours everything that could possibly be tested had been done. Next morning Dr Saroha and his team came to review mums condition and discuss the results with us. Initially, we reiterated that we were not ready for surgery. Dr Saroha patiently took us through the procedure explained what a transnaseal …… Was and once again answered all our concerns. No brusque rushed attitude but with a calm voice told mum to take her time and again reassured her that the surgery needed to be done but it was up to her to decide when she was comfortably as he wouldn’t push her into it without her consent. We as family via telephone conversations made a decision for mum to do the surgery keeping our faith in Dr Saroha. The surgery went very well. Dr Saroha and his team once again came through for us. Max Hospital, we as the Ngare family remain eternally indebted to Dr Arun and his team for the care and attention they gave to our mother and continue to. The care attention and love that the nurses and all the staff at hand immensly contributed to mums day to day recovery. I preach to anyone who will listen about the excellent medical attention we received at the Max hospital under the care of Dr Arun and this very able team. May God bless you.


Kenneth Harris


Dr. Douglas Lyphe


Dr. Emanuyel Mac


Dr. Wilium Lily


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“Objectively deploy open-source web-readiness impactful bandwidth. Compellingly coordinate business deliverables rather equity invested technologies. Phosfluorescently reinvent maintainable.”


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“Objectively deploy open-source web-readiness impactful bandwidth. Compellingly coordinate business deliverables rather equity invested technologies. Phosfluorescently reinvent maintainable.”


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