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Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It?s a choice -Fawn Weaver.

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Mother Victoria (our patient, aged 57 years) and Chief Matthew have one thing in common – both are married to each other for more than 38 years (Amen). This couple from Lagos, Nigeria was pure fate that they met us. Our meeting happend at some swanky (ahem ahem) private hospital and we just started talking?you know general stuff and then suddenly we were asked to take care of her.?

Now come to the Medical Part: She thought that she?s a heart patient but the Echo report was clean and yet she was troubled. She thought there?s a problem in her legs but the x-rays of knees were clean and yet she was troubled. Therefore, what?s troubling you, Mother?. I?m in Pain ?is the answer?. Now hold on a bit.. is that all?.yes Mr. that?s all what it is.?

Now comes the solution: She underwent a thorough investigations and the MRI whole spine showed degenerative changes both at cervical (head) and lumbar (back) region of the spine. So what you do in such scenario. My answer – You act. You decide. You proceed.?Victoria underwent twin spine surgeries to get relieved from back and lower back pain (Cervical spine surgery and Lumbar Spine Surgery) Fawn-Weaverto release the compression of the nerves and fixated by the best spine surgeon in india at gap of 15 days. And the final outcome is this figure of speech states ?Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It?s a choice?.?

-Sandy Sandiep Duchana.

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